FAQs / Information

General Rules

• No Illegal Substances
• No Weapons
• No Dogs

• No Fires on the Ground Elevated, store-bought fire pits only, with water or extinguisher on-hand. No dumping of hot ashes on property.
• No Nitrous Oxide
• No Glass Bottles
• No Underage Alcohol Possession or Consumption
• No Loud Music or Loud Generators in Camping Area
• No Motorized Golf Carts, 4-Wheelers, Dirt Bikes, etc.

The safety of our patrons is of utmost priority. Failure to adhere to rules above will result in immediate ejection from festival grounds by Jibberjazz Security. Thank you for understanding.

RV Camping

RV spots are $100 each. There are no electric hookups for RVs.

Only WHISPER QUIET generators are allowed on site.

RV and parking passes do NOT include any festival tickets. They are to be purchased separately.

To camp with your car (non-RV), a "car camping" pass is required. They are $100 per car.


Camp Ramblewood

2564 Silver Road, Darlington, MD 21034

200-acre rustic campground. A pristine venue that caters to the needs of alternative gatherings, featuring rentable cabins and various on-site recreation amenities.

Food / Craft Vending

Applicants should send an email with detailed vendor description to [email protected]. If email is not possible, mail a description, menus, etc, to the physical address on the Jibberjazz contact page. We archive submissions and contact vendors we are interested in working with in advance.

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What time does the GATE open? Friday at 9:00AM.

Can I come to the festival EARLY?
Campers may arrive on Thursday AFTER 4:00PM. Thursday arrivals carry an additional $20 "early bird fee" per person (payable in cash, at the gate). Vendors are not subject to this fee and may arrive as early as 2:00PM Thursday. There is live music Thursday evening as part of the pre-party.

What is the ADDRESS?
Camp Ramblewood, 2564 Silver Road, Darlington, MD 21034

Do KIDS have to pay?
Children 12 and under are admitted free-of-charge and must be accompanied by a legal guardian. All children must be registered upon arrival with the telephone number and valid ID of their guardian.

How much does it cost on SATURDAY?
Passes are available after 9:00AM on Saturday for $90 and include camping.

How much does it cost on SUNDAY?
Passes are available after 9:00AM on Sunday for $20.

Do you sell DAY PASSES?
No. All tickets include camping.

Can I leave and RE-ENTER?
If your wristband remains intact on your wrist AND you possess your original ticket stub, you may reenter the festival grounds. You are required to check in with Jibberjazz staff each time you enter through the gate.

How long can I STAY?
You may stay on the grounds until 5:00PM Sunday at the very latest.

What is the cost to PARK?
There is a parking fee of $20 per vehicle.
RV spots (no electric hookups but whisper-quiet generators are allowed) are $100 each.

Can I bring my PET?
Sorry, animals are NOT allowed at this venue. Our Service Animal/Dog policy is taken directly from Federal Statute and regulatory law. Our plain English policy is stated below:
* Only DOGS qualify as Service Animals under Federal Law. Emotional Support Animals are not Service Animals
* Service Animals in training are not Service Animals under Federal Law.
* Service Animals MUST be wearing a "Service Animal" marked vest at ALL times.
* The Service Animal must always be in "Full Stay" command position when not performing the service for which they have been trained.
* The Service Animal must be fully trained to urinate or defecate only on the command of their human team member.
* In order to be considered a "Service Dog" under U.S. federal law, a dog must be partnered with an individual with a disability AND perform specific, trained task work to mitigate that disability. Task work is not optional. If a dog doesn’t perform task work, it is not a Service Dog. In closing, if your Service Animal is registered, wearing a marked Service Animal Vest and fully trained; you will find our staff and attendees very supportive of your teams presence.


Barton Manor
1329 Deer Creek Church Road, Forest Hill MD 21050

2222 Kalmia Road, Bel Air MD 21015

1404 Jacob Tome Memorial Highway, Port Deposit MD 21904

What if I INJURE myself?
A team of Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses are employed 24/7 for the duration of the festival. Basic first-aid is also available at the gate and staff members have the means to contact additional medical personnel if the need should arise. Please notify staff upon checking in if you or someone in your party has a medical condition we should be aware of. Safety is our utmost concern.

More Information...

What's up with CABINS? Click here for more information.

What's up with MEAL PLANS?
Meal plans are $90 each. They include 5 full meals served during certain hours throughout the weekend. Click here to purchase.

Can I have a personal FIRE?
Not unless it is contained within an elevated, store-bought fire pit (we suggest bringing your own firewood). NO FIRES ON THE GROUND AND YOU MAY NOT BRING WOOD IN FROM OFF THE SITE. Camp grills/stoves are okay. Please be responsible for everyone's sake. No dumping of hot ashed on property. Anyone caught making fires on the ground will be ejected.

Are there SHOWERS?
Yes, showers are available to all patrons at specified hours.

Will there be YOGA and other ACTIVITIES?
Yes. Check the festival program for a full schedule and description (released close to festival date).

Can I camp with my CAR?
To camp with your car, a car camping pass is required ($100 each, limited amount). Parking passes are $20 away from camping.

Can I bring an RV?
RV passes WITHOUT electricity are $100 each. There are NO electric hookups for RVs. Only WHISPER QUIET generators allowed.

What is the BATHROOM situation?
The grounds feature some on-site restrooms with flushing toilets and sinks, and there is an abundance of port-o-johns throughout the campground. Maintenance and sanitation are provided constantly throughout the weekend.

Are there public SHOWERS?
No. This venue does not have any shower facilities, other than ones in certain rented cabins.

What if it RAINS?
In case of severe weather, there is a backup plan in place to have outdoor music moved to safe, indoor stages with similar set times and lengths.

Is there an ATM?
There is an ATM in the vending area. However, if you plan on purchasing tickets at the gate, please bring enough money with you as cash is the only form of payment accepted day of show, and you cannot access the ATM until after you enter the festival grounds.

Where are the nearest HOTELS?
Aberdeen, MD

What is your SAFETY policy?
Jibberjazz will abide by all government safety guidelines during this event and will continue to monitor the situation so that we are on top of everything pertinent while the festival takes place. Sanitation stations will be scattered throughout the property and there is plenty of space throughout the grounds for adequate distancing. Please direct questions/concerns to [email protected].

Where can I get some FLYERS?
Email us at [email protected] to have some mailed or emailed to you.

How can I become INVOLVED with Jibberjazz?
We are always looking for more reliable volunteers for promotion, clean-up, etc. Please reach us AHEAD OF TIME by emailing [email protected] for an application. Events are fully-staffed before gates open.

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